Referrals and Incentives

New Member Recruitment Incentive Program

The Conception Bay Area Chamber of Commerce New Member Recruitment Incentive Program has begun.   Here is your opportunity to expand the Chamber with new membership as well as benefit yourself.

By recruiting new members to the Chamber you have the opportunity to expand your knowledge base through stakeholder communications, member discounts, networking and socials. As an added bonus, we have instituted Recruiter rewards that include:

  • $25.00 Gift Card Bonus: Will be given to any CBA member who Recruits new members for membership in 2017. **That’s right, for each new member you bring into the Chamber you will receive a $25 gift/certificate card. This gift card can be from any CBA member only!
  • $50 Cash Drawing: For each new member recruited, the Recruiter’s name will be entered into an additional drawing that will be held in each quarter of 2017. That means for each new member an individual recruits, his/her name will be entered that many times into the drawing.

Please ensure that your company name, your name and contact information is included on the space provided in the new member’s application.

For additional information or to clarify questions you may have about the value and process, please call the Chamber Office (709) 834-5670, email or go to:

**New member must have membership fee paid in full before incentive is provided to recruiting member.